We believe the home is where the heart is. We believe the home is where faith is nurtured and taught.  We also believe by keeping the group small, it will help to create better relationship between themselves and the camp counsellors. By having the overnight campers at a retreat centre, the campers will feel more comfortable and relaxed. We believe the children are fearfully and wonderfully made, and are an heritage of the LORD. We also believe we should start children off on the way they should go, and even when they are old they will not turn from it. Because the overnight camp is a discipleship program to teach them to love the LORD with all of their heart and with all their soul and with all their strength. And by having the camp at a home retreat, we can talk about and impress them the commandments when they interactive with each other even when they lie down and even when you get up. The goals are to teach our campers how to connect with God through nature, devotion and prayer; and to build solid friendship with their peers and camp counsellors. Key messages will be delivered through fun and interactive games, sports and various creative activities. It is our prayer that the spiritual experience and friendship they enjoy in the camp will continue to impact their lives for many years to come.



Organizer 主辦單位:
7 Star Community Services 七星社區服務中心


Seeking to put multiculturalism and independence enriched in Canadian culture into action, Seven Star Community Services brings people together to appreciate, serve and support homes and communities with hope.


Offer a full range of support services including food and clothes, personal support, health and care programs, counselling and healing sessions; Provide afterschool children’s programs, youth enrichment programs, employment preparation programs, senior care programs, single, couple and single-parent family support programs; Help and support new immigrants and refugees to begin their new lives; Provide workshops on farming, gardening and healthy lifestyle.

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About Omega Ministry Service Centre

Omega Ministry is a Canadian registered Charitable Organization, founded in 2012. In the last days, Omega Ministry is called to save the lost through Jesus Christ, fulfill God's will in the end times, gather, prepare, and train God's pioneers,overcomers, martyrs, Kingdom intercessors, and worshippers. We are to establish andmake connections for the Kingdom prayer altars, equip the bride, the church to preparefor the end of the times, enter into the destiny of the boy in Revelation 12:5, and complete the mission of ruling the nations with the iron rod. We are committed to serve the community, the nation and the world on the basis of the Holy Spirit and the Bible.

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乃加拿大註冊慈善機構,成立於2012年。我們的使命是在末後世代透過耶穌基督拯救失喪的,成全神在末後的旨意,為國度集结,預備,及培訓神所呼召的先鋒者,得勝者,殉道者,國度代禱者 及 敬拜者等。 建立及聯結國度禱告祭壇,裝備新婦/教會預備末世, 進入啟示錄12章男孩子的命定,完成鐵杖轄管列國的託付。